Burger wars

I’ve lived in London about 5 years now & as burgers are the best meal going it’s fair to say I’ve eaten my fair share since being here. So here’s my personal top 5, but do you agree? Let me know if there’s anywhere else i need to try!

5th Meat Liqour
Great patty and ooozy cheese- terrible pic as the place is a cool dive bar with red lamps n rock music (Mikes fave) came 5th as was fairly small- great wings here too

4th Five Guys
Great value fast food, add as many toppings as you like for free- double patty goodness! skin on chips mmmm

3rd TGI
Its the JD sauce that gives TGI it’s edge.. plus everyday is Friday

2nd Honest Burger
The burger sauce & pickles are amaze, posh big mac. Plus skin on fries with rosemary & rum cocktails are great here

1st Shake Shack
Gorge soft brioch bun and perfect patties- chips with melty cheese are so fit & peanut butter n Oreo milkshakes #ohmygod …also great setting, Covent Garden piazza vibe makes you feel like you’re in Spain… but your not. Plus i never feel out of place taking pics of my food, tourist central!

Places that didn’t make the grade but worth mentioning;

Annies Burger Shack (Notts)- patty too thick and toppings too weird. Soz.

Dirty Burger- I ate this in two bites. Seriously. Little burger in a big pond!

Burger & Lobster- lobster was worth £20, burger was not!

How could I leave out The humble Big Mac! My hangover saviour! 

Burgers make my belly happy xxxx


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