Bombay street food @ Dishoom, Carnaby

So my dear Swedish friend Ranveig dropped a super bombshell on us last week.

I’m devo’ed that she may be moving back to her meatball loving, vodka drinking, blond haired- blue eyed men fest, Ikea home land (it actually doesn’t sound all that bad.)

So with that, she has a mini London bucket list, which I am more than happy to help her work through.

First up, Dishhoom.

We’ve been wanting to go forever, but they don’t take bookings so means queueing – annoying! But I heard on the Instagram grapevine their new opening had a 50% off soft launch this week.

This was FATE! So we listened to the food gods and headed to ‘the queue’.

Dishoom carnaby queue

The staff were super sweet and handed out mini chai teas and brandy to the hardcore crowd- 45 mins flew by.

chai tea

Sorry for the scary/crazy ‘im so excited to be here’ eyes.

We were in. Dishoom is based on a cool Bombay café idea, serving small plates and share-y street food, just perfect for our group and bloggin’ the hell out of.

Inside Dishoom  Dishoom Carnaby Bar

Cocktails up, I went for a BollyBellini. It was a cool twist on fruity prosecco. Rose and Ranveig went for a rum based short and Heddy went for a classic fizz.

Dishoom cocktails

In no time our buzzer buzzed and we were taken to our perfect central table- this place was packed, we were so excited for the feast.

Dishoom House white wine

First up, deep fried green chillis with lots of indian dips- the crusty marinade was gorge. Along with prawns in a spicy coating, very juicy and hot hot.

Then the dishes just kept on coming. Share’ins carin’. Huge chunks of garlicy, spicy, chicken tikka, which was just delicious.

Dishoom chicken tikka

Gunpowder potatoes with the skin left on all smashed up with garlic Indian seeds and butter. Mmmmm

My highlight, marinated spicy lamb chops. Amazing dark flavours, spinkled with pomegranite seeds. I skinned these to the bone they were so tasty.

Dishoom lamb chops

Having two veggies in the group does have its upsides, they order things like matter paneer- a rich, lush lentil curry. Paneer tikka- charred chunky cheese.  Masala prawns- huge succulent king prawns. Finally, the black house dahl- simmered for 24 hours, it was soooo creamy.

Dishoom mattar paneer

Dishoom Paneer tikka
dishoom food

We had a table stacked full of amazing food, but Heddy was more taken with the cheese naan. To be fair it was good.

Dishoom cheese naan

Cheeky Rose had to have a pit stop. Not on my watch, as you can see still lots to get through…
Dishoom street food  Dishoom london food

Quick photo sesh of my lovely pals- gonna miss this one is she goes *mega sad face*
Dishoom carnaby blog review

To finish, the girls had coffees, and as I’m not fan I opted for a pistachio kulfi on a stick- yum.

Dishoom coffee

I was pretty happy with it.
Dishoom pistachio kulfi on a stick

We then shared a melt in the middle chocolate pudding with chilli ice cream (i couldn’t taste the chill though?!) – but oh my the pud was sweet. Relived we had 4 spoons tackling it.

Dishoom chocolate pudding


I’m so glad we ticked off Dishoom, and got all the food half price- barg.  We’ll defo be back.

Thanks food gods.


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