Burgers @ Bleecker St, Southbank

It’s the day of Bookatable’s Christmas party. We must line our stomachs or this could end badly. It probs will end badly, but It’s a great excuse to head to Southbank and fill our tums.

The best news was circulating the Skype group that Bleecker St were doing a special £5 for any burger deal. YES bitches, get yo coat.

The small but mighty van was parked up just along the river. I’ve heard many, many things about Bleecker St burgers, all v good, so I was super excited to get my chops round one.

The menu. My first though was a normal cheeseburger, but when the double was the same price, what the heck, I’m going hard.

Two juicy beef patties were smothered in melty cheese, special burger sauce and onions on sesame seed bun.


Oh man, it tasted soooo good. The juices were running everywhere. It was huge. And beefy. And pink in the middle. All you would want.


I’m so glad I didn’t order fries too. James and Adam went for the Angry fries, but they were scoffed before I could get a pic- boys! They were covered in hot sauce and blue cheese. Yep, pretty awesome. I hate myself for not trying them.

Tim went for the Bleecker Black burger. Two hunky patties with a cheeky piece of black pudding in between. Sounds odd, but I’m assured it was the business.

bleaker burger

Great lunch, great burgers. Bleecker is for sure on my list of London’s finest.

Stomachs fully lined ready to soak any kind of alcohol, It’s almost time to get smashed and get back down to Bleecker tomo for hangover burgers. Whoop.


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