Set Menu @London Steakhouse Co, Liverpool St

So last Christmas the rents got Mike and I a Red Letter Day voucher. You know the one where you can do loads of cool stuff like hot air ballooning, shoot clay pigeons or go in one of those giant bubble zorb things. After months of looking through the endless pages I obviously decided on a rather exciting dinner in the City. Sorry (not sorry) for not being the adventurous type. Don’t judge me.


So off we popped to London Steakhouse Co, owned by Marco Pierre White in Liverpool St. As you well know me and the boy love da steak.

Pretty swish inside and fairly busy, always a good sign.


We were handed the set menu, which usually I’d tut at but this one seemed to have quite a few choices and the things I’d pick anyway, happy days. PLUS it included a lush cocktail each. I had a vodkary mangoy one and Mike went for a strong rum one.


I love a good pâté so got this little number with melba toast to start. Nice light texture and not too strong tasting. As always, I could have done with a bit more- so greedy. Love the branded plates and presentation.


Mike had his fave, the French onion soup. It had the biggest, meltyest, stringyest piece of cheese bobbing in the middle. It looked so good, even if most of it was down his chin.


The staff were super swift and before we knew it our mains came straight out. Kind of annoying as i like a little breather in between courses and I had to rush my wine ordering. Cause d’ah you have to have red with steak.


We both went for the rump with a béarnaise sauce. Oh my, if you read my previous post at MPW in Angel, the meat wasn’t that great, this thankfully was soooo much better. Bit tight on the sauce – only just enough for me.

The meat was gorge, cooked perfectly, medium rare- is there any other way people?! Mike paid a £6 sup for a bigger man steak, although didn’t seem that much bigger. Boo.


You get a side each included so got a portion of thick cut chips and paid for an extra creamed spinach (steep at £4.50 for  a mini pot) really good though.


Mike here, super happy about having his picture taken- (not) working the camera as usual. Me with my giant glass of red, mmmm.


Clean plates all round. The restaurant had a really chilled atmosphere so we sat back and finished our huge wines before pud.


We went fairly traditional and Mike was forced to share of course. Gorge sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream and a sugary crème brûlée. Both super rich and moreish. Great finish.


Great date night at London Steakhouse Co. Loved the set menu and loved the fact it was all paid for, thanks mum & dad! We’d def return, the steak was top and the staff were lovely. Ticks all round.


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