Dinner @ The Oak on the Green, Maidstone

Its Dishy Delishy’s official 1 year birthday! Whoopee! Wonder how I’ll celebrate…. With food obvs. It happened to be Bank Holiday so Mike and I decided to venture just far enough out of London to feel like a mini hol, but not too far cause I’m a grump and hate travelling. Maidstone in Kent seemed easy. God knows how I came across it but I found the cutest cabin in the woods with a vintage hot tub and a few local pubs to explore.

Our second night we walked over to The Oak on the Green. A lush pub with a huge hearty menu, candle lit tables and a cosy feel.


Look at the roof!


I had this huge slab of goats cheese to start.


Mike had some ridiculously juicy king prawns in garlic butter.


There were so many mains to choose from, I decided on a gorgeous hunk of tender pork belly on creamy mash and greens. Oh and don’t forget that crackling!


Mike obviously went for steak, look at the size of it. It came with allllll the trimmings.


Not that we needed it but we got some creamed spinach on the size. What a lush spread!


Pud was this insane home made banoffee. When I say home made the cream literally tasted like they had just whipped it up 5 mins before. So good.


I was so happy with our choice, I loved the cuties atmosphere and candles and they certainly left us full to the brim with their delish food.



If anyone is interested in the fab cabin we stayed in here’s the link xxx


4 thoughts on “Dinner @ The Oak on the Green, Maidstone

  1. Oh that looks like a good weekend out – I grew up in Maidstone and never new of little cabins! – whereabouts did you stay?!


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