Birthday dinner @ Smokestak, Shoreditch

Yusssss birthday week had begun. My London girls are always up for a cheeky celebration which of course included lots of food and vino. We’d heard rumours the newly opened Smokestak was the biz… ( and by god it was all true.) So off we troddled to Shoreditch for a quick pre drink at Owl & the Pussycat– which is also v cool btw, head upstairs!


Smokestak is uber cool. Dark, dirty, loud and super busy, this was a true smoky smokehouse. We obvs booked ahead and had a cute centre table, great for eyeballing the food rolling out. Short and sweet menus didn’t help narrow down what we wanted- it all looked amazing. We got started on our first bottle of red and reeled off our order.


Mini brisket sliders on brioche buns with pickled chilli to share flew straight out. OMG small- but mighty in taste, the beef was insane.


Next crispy ox cheek croquette balls with a  puree potato. Lushhh shredded meat inside and crispy perfect shell.


A fancy portion of pork scratchings which blew my mind. Sticky and sweet tiny bones were fatty and delicious.


The main event was a table full of man meat which gave us a good run for our money. We loosened the spandex and tucked in. Beef ribs were a delight…


as was more brisket… just look at that juicy shine.


These babies were jacket spuds covered in welsh rareeeeeebit – aka tons of tasty cheese! The burnt bums just added to the flavours.


We needed some green to balance out the red meat so went for this crazy iceberg thing. I cant remember the actual name but it was good.


Twp portions of the pork ribs which outshone the beef ribs. The sauce was delish. We actually couldn’t finish a few bits so lucky boy got a bedtime doggy bag treat.


We ended the night with a little bday sing song and a spoon of this sticky toffee gorgeousness each. That dark treacle was the shit.


I could still smell the smoke on my scarf the next day- now that is good damn BBQ- arghh so so good. I’m planning my next visit already- the counter seats where you can watch the action have my name on.

More birthdays please!



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