Dishy Returns

Hey gang, after a mere 4 year break from the food blogging world, I’ve decided I quite miss it. I mean, what am i supposed to do with all of these pictures of pizza and pasta? I also quite like the thought of always having a little piece of the internet just for my dining out habits, that will last forever (or until someone stops paying for the domain).

Been busy living life, bought a flat in the East end… got married (yep -to the one in a lot of the previous entry pics)… sold the flat…. buying house… but still hanging out with a great bunch of chums and eating my way around Laaaandan town.

Now I’m older, a little wiser and spend less time with so called chums, the research to where we down our prosecco and twissle our spag is more important than ever. Cause’ I ain’t waisting a penny on bad service, bad food or god forbid bad cocktails… if it doesn’t have a gramable backdrop you’re also in trouble. Just sayin.

So if you’ve found my little blog through a clever little keyword (lookin’ at you BEST LONDON FOOD BLOG) or just scrolling any ol’ crap at 10pm then thanks for reading.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings and food porn pics!

Mykonos, where Aperols are an eye watering 20e
Pasta twirling skills & Mike telling a rare joke.
Triple Parked @ Barrio, Shoreditch


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