Sky high dining @ Duck & Waffle, Liv St

First post back. Must make it good.

I wonder how long I can go without mentioning the C word…. not that one, the one that ends in a d. Well, anyway, we came here on the week that lockdown first lifted, July 2020, for our 1st wedding anni. I was excited for two reasons, one, bloody restaurants were back open, hello leaving the house for more than a tea in the park…. and two, cause’ it’s DUCK & WAFFLE, literally. In the sky. At sunset. With Mike, who didn’t bin me off after a year of living on the sofa.

If you fancy a treat, this place is it. Delicious cocktails over looking the city at dusk is just lush. Service is spot on and we got that all important window seat.

My sweatheart mother surprised us by sending over a glass of fizz. I’m double parked, standard. Pretended to browse the menu, but we all know you’ve already chosen days ago. Pretty much everything is a safe bet.

Bacon wrapped dates and crispy pigs takes as a pre- starter. Oh yeah, these are just snacky snacks. Seriously salty fruity goodness. How cute is the brown bag.

Then onto the actual starters, braised ox cheek donut and grilled octopus. Holy moly. Def over ordered, again.

Q bottle of red and main. I went for the famous D&W dish while Mike went for the steak- man we are predictable. I don’t even care- these dishes were incredible.

Tres romantic mood lighting when the sun goes down.

Moved into the bar next door for an espresso martini nightcap…. check the foaaaaaam.

Pop this one on your London bucket list for a special occasion, you wont be disappointed. It’s also open 24 hours so if you fancy a boujee breakfast in the wee hours, they got you.


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