Japanese Bao @ Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

Throwing this post back to that day you could sit inside restaurants again. It was a big deal. The pressure to choose somewhere special for Friday night. Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden did not disappoint.

They have a moody, low lit basement scene with a cool Japanese vibe – havn’t been- boo (not through lack of trying!) but I imagine they have cool little nooks like this all over Tokyo.

We grabbed a few cocktails, the bellini was fab, defo the high end champs. Then onto some starters. The Korean fried chicken is an absolute must. Hot, crispy and a good portion to share- incredible.

Prawn tempura maki- tres good. Although I’m a sushi expert now (nawt) so not as impressed as years gone by. I know the tricks.

Now let’s get serious. There’s one reason you come here. The buns. The pillowy soft, irresistible buns. Then you stuff em with more out of this world stuff.

More KFC. With chilli and a mustardy sauce. Oh lordy. They’re the bomb.

Pork belly. Just look at it. The juicy, perfectly fatty strips.

Two buns each and you’re done, so filling, so great.

Cute little comped margaritas to finish- not sure why, didn’t ask. Delicious.

Top marks all round for this feasting den. Not cheap, but you’re in central – worth the Friday price tag for some top quality buns, quick service and bustling atmosphere.


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