Pornstar Martini fountains & meat platters @ Scarlett Green

Bottomless prosecco double parked with pornstars

So bottomless brunch is ten a penny these days in the capital, but bottomless dinner? Not so much. Well, we hunted one down for a special dual birthday celebration- and it was bloody good.

A Pornstar fountain dream

Scarlett Green is a beaut spot in Soho with all the gramable aesthetics. For £50 you get an incredible platter of food with sides and YOUR OWN pornstar martini fountain at your table to pour as you please.

We covered both bases with a meat and veggie platter. Lordy! Perfectly cooked pieces of steak, lamb chops, pork steaks and sausage. Delicious.

Tasty corn ‘ribs’, stuffed peppers, griddled aubergine and tofu were among the veggie delights.

The desserts were also incredible. We shared bbq pineapple and pistachio ice cream- super fresh, before diving into the hazelnut chocolate bomb.

Hello sexy…

The Live DJ pumped the tunes until we stumbled out (sadly doors close at 11) into the night. Great Saturday vibes.

100% recommend this spot for girly catch ups or a cool date spot – great food and service, a little pricy but a showstopper non the less.


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