The cheese wheel @ Circolo Poplare, off Oxford St

Without a doubt the most Instagramable restaurant in London. The decor, the food the vibe- It’s just gorgeous. It’s part of the Gloria group which have a few spots around London, booking is savage, especially for prime time weekend so make sure you’re online 9am 30 days ahead of the day you’re planning to go.

I went with a bunch of pals who love food as much as me- this isn’t for the faint hearted / skinny folk. Aperols ordered as we pretended to look at the menu – obvs I’d already grammed ahead and chosen what WE are having.

A few sharey starters: creamy silky burrata, garlicy crusty bruschetta and a plate of spicy salami. Epic spread and beautiful plates.

I mean, look how twinkly! Backdrop of dreams.

Ok now for the serious bit. This is why you come to Circolo, the wheel of cheese. They bring the entire pecorino over to your table and slosh the hot spaghetti for 5 mins in the melty gooey cheese until it’s so dense they can barely lift it into your bowl.

Poor Holly has a slight cheese intolerance (what a good friend she is coming here when most of the menu is cheese!) so opted for this vegan sourdough pizza. She said it was great.

A close up of this simple yet divine dish.

Another reason to visit- the lemon meringue which is gigantic. Enough for 4 to share easily.

The sharp lemon, the buttery biscuit, the mountain of sweet creamy meringue was just perfection.

Stunning restaurant and great value. Would 100% recommend. Don’t make plans after you’ll just want to lie down.


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