Bottomless Brunch @ Grind, Exmouth Market

Another day, another brunch. In all my brunchin’ days I’ve never taken Mike to one, just us, so last week I dragged him along to a part of town we’d never been. Lucky him!

Exmouth Market… a funny old spot- in the middle of Kings Cross, Farringdon and Russell Sq. aka a bit of a pain to get to. Since it was a nice day we didn’t mind the short walk from the station. The street is so pretty lined with little boutique shops, bars and lush chain free restaurants.


That morning I saw Grind had posted on Instagram a gorge avo on toast pic and mentioned their bottomless deal for £12. £12 for an hour and half! Erm yes. We got a cute window seat. I am loving the interiors in Grind, marble tables, plush bar stools, pink undertones and plants! Pinterest heaven. Mike was less interested and needed coffee. I on the other hand dived straight into the good stuff.


The glasses did seem smaller than usual but it didn’t stop them topping you up every 5 mins. Staff were awesome so friendly and chirpy.

The brunch menu is quite short and sweet but had my classic go to option. Avo on toasted sourdough with poachies and a side of bacon for good luck. Mike went for the eggs beni. I think I spent a little too long taking pics as they were only just warm when we tucked in- must learn to snap faster. Poor Mike is used to it. Ah who cares more prosecco!


We sat for well over our 1.5hr limit, we just kept getting topped up, so just carried on drinking.


Yummy food & chilled atmosphere, Grind is a beaut for couples or groups of pals- I will defo be back. Boy and I did a little bar crawl on the way back home, twas fun and very drunken- home by 8, curry ordered and film on. Love Saturdays!



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